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This interactive graph shows the hits from Fediverse bots (specifically: Mastodon, Pleroma, Akkoma and Misskey) after posting a link on mastodon.online. The original post is here, and the blog article I wrote about it (the target of the link in the post) is here.

The original post was made at 12:22 GMT, and within a minute had received over 500 hits. The big spikes are where the post was boosted again by people with a lot of followers.

Each Fediverse server makes two requests, one for the root page of the site, and a second for the Open Graph Data image linked in the og:image metadata.

I've only been on Mastodon for a month, and I don't have that many followers, but the post was added to a thread including people who do, and was immediately boosted. It was subsequently boosted again several times over the course of the next few hours, eventually reaching a total of around 1600 unique Fediverse instances.

The instances were mainly running Mastodon but there were a few other types: